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Based in Detroit and Eastern Michigan, the photography of Cole Sigmon & Jeanne Pope. Our passion centers on capturing life’s honest moments, and we specialize in family shoots, weddings, portraits, lifestyle, branding, and products. 


Print Pricing

red cole heirloom prints


It's so important to have a tangible form of your memories!  

There is just something about holding a photo in your hand.  Red Cole Photo offers high quality professional printing of your images by one of the very best print labs in the country using superior quality inks, paper, and processes. 

          Why is this better than saving money and printing at Walmart, Walgreens, or Snapfish?

Most stores do not have the means to print your photos on archival paper that will stand the test of time, and in most cases, the coloring will be different from what you paid your professional to do for you. If you’re looking for a quick print, you always have full print rights to print your photos anywhere you choose! But if you’re interested in having prints to cherish over time, we can help you get what you need.

         Custom photobooks available in 3 sizes and 8 colors, starting at $250.  


Dark Grey, Light Grey, Sand, Light Blue, Pacific Blue, Olive, Mustard, Pink


8.5'' x 8.5''

                                      11" x 8.25"                                                                                8.25" x 11"


40 - 50 pages - $250

70 - 100 pages - $350

120 - 150 pages - $450

Albums fit 1-2 images per page.  Ask us for suggestions for what you need based on your Photoshoot Package!  All albums designed by Red Cole Photo.  A dropbox link of photos will be sent to you for proofing before we create your piece!



Archival Print Prices:


4 x 6 - $5

5 x 7 - $9

8 x 10 - $17

11 x 14 - $25

16 x 24 - $57

24 x 36 - $85

24 wallets - $25







Square prints:

4x4 - $5

5x5 - $9

8x8 - $17

10x10 - $23

12x12 - $35