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Based in Detroit and Eastern Michigan, the photography of Cole Sigmon & Jeanne Pope. Our passion centers on capturing life’s honest moments, and we specialize in family shoots, weddings, portraits, lifestyle, branding, and products. 

Shawn & Nik Full Review

Before we got married my husband and I decided that the two things we wanted to invest in more than anything (aside from good food!) were photography and videography. Those are the only things you have aside from memories when the wedding is over! 

If I could do my wedding all over again, the first thing I'd do is book Jeanne/Red Cole. That's what happened the first time anyways! I contacted her a year ago yesterday to tell her I was engaged and to set up engagement photos right away! 
After that I found out my date and prayed they'd be available! The whole engagement session felt like I was in a date with my darling and she was just capturing every little detail of our interactions! And after seeing the photos I knew that was exactly the feeling I wanted captured on our wedding day!


On a scale of 1-10??? 12! They send you a pdf of the schedule a few days before your wedding so that everyone in your bridal party can know what's going on and have it on their phones!? (that is just one example of Red Cole going above and beyond) You have no idea how many times I checked it, I felt like she knew the flow of the day better than me! Jeanne kept us on track for timing the entire time, she met with me several times prior to the wedding  to answer questions I had.  She even helped me figure out little kinks in my wedding because she's worked with so many through the years she knew what would run more smoothly! I felt like she did more than I was paying her to do. She made sure to ask about specifics like, whether or not I wanted her moving a lot during the ceremony, stuff like that. She took direction from my husband and me not the 30 other people who were suggesting poses and groupings. My family and friends have since hired Jeanne as their photographer because they loved her personality, talent and they way she carried herself that entire day! 


My favorite part was how personal she made the wedding. She listened to me more than any vendor, she seemed to really understand my style and let the photography reveal who my husband and I are and how gushy we are over each other! Most of the other vendors felt rehearsed to me, like they act like its special but this is the 400th wedding they've done and every conversation is scripted. I got more excited about my wedding when I spoke with Jeanne about it. She made me feel like everything I picked and every detail that I loved were precious and important to her! She was genuine, and kind, she dealt with the very best and the very worst of my relatives with the grace of Audrey Hepburn! Yeah, she made it personal, and her excitement made me even more excited!!


-Shawn Pruçnal